A Florist wedding contract is a contract between two parties namely the wedding party and the florist. This contract explains the terms and condition of the florist with the wedding party for floral arrangements and decoration at the wedding. This contract specifies information such as advance payments, total payment, consultation charges, rental details etc. A sample Florist wedding contract is given herein for further reference.

Sample Florist Wedding Contract:

The contract is entered between the florist and the wedding party. The floral delivery to the wedding shall be done in accordance to this contract wherein the contract is entered into on the 13th of April 2013.

Name of the Client: Ashley Thomas

Location of the event: 15 Hallam St, Portland Place,

London, W1W 6JF

Tel: 00 44 (0) 200 500 11666.

Date of the event : 16th July 2013

Address of Florist: 1-1 Kensington Gardens Square,

London, W4 2BH

Tel: 00 44 (0) 20 2222 4499

Payment Terms:

Payment can be made through cash, cheque or credit card.

A non-refundable advance of 100£ should be made at the time of booking.

The contract includes the floral selection marked in the even invoice.

Balance payment has to be settled a week prior to the even date.


Any consultation with our designer for less than 15 min is free for the first time. Further discussions will be charged upon delivery.

Queries asked via mail are free.


We reserve the right to make substitutions of the selected flowers due to natural disaster or poor quality of flowers received.


Wedding party stands informed that, if the payment is not made before 2 weeks prior to the event the contract shall be cancelled.

The contract is void if obligations cannot be met due to natural disaster, calamities or unexplained accident.

Signature of the Wedding party:                                                  Signature of the Florist:

Ashley Thomas                                                                                 Bennet

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