A flea market vendor contract is a written and legal document that is made between a flea market VENDOR and the MANAGEMENT who is in charge of allotting a particular space to the VENDOR for business purposes. This contract consists of certain terms which have to be followed by both parties.

Sample flea market contract

This contract is made between Mr. Reggie Mark who is referred to as the VENDOR and Mr. Martin Jobs who is referred to as the MANAGEMENT.

Details of the VENDOR

Address: DF-9, second floor, Gregs, London

The VENDOR owns a garment business in London and wishes to occupy a block of space in Yamin Square.

Details of the MANAGEMENT

Address: G-9, first floor, building 2, London

The MANAGEMENT is in charge of allotting space to vendors who wish to run their business in Yamin square.

Effective date of contract: 31’St Jan, 2011

Effective date of possession: 1’St March, 2011

The amount of $300 is to be paid by the VENDOR to the MANAGEMENT on the 1’St of every month throughout the duration of the contract

Length of contract: 12 months

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The VENDOR shall keep the premises in proper maintained state.
  • The MANAGEMENT shall allot the space in a neat and clean condition.
  • The VENDOR must only use the premises for business purposes and must make the payment on time to avoid any late fee charges.
  • The MANAGEMENT shall hold the right to inspect the space at any time during the contract period.


Reggie Mark                Martin Jobs

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