A flat rental contract is a legal document that is made between the OWNER and the TENANT when the OWNER agrees to give a flat to the TENANT in return for a rental charge. This document contains all the terms and conditions based upon which the agreement is signed.

Sample flat rental contract

This contract comes into effect on the date: 21st Feb, 2011

This agreement is made between two parties called the OWNER and the TENANT.

Details of TENANT

Name: Mr. Richard Spring is here in referred to as the TENANT

Phone number: 437328947324

Details of the OWNER

Name: Mr. Bruce Jobs

Phone number: 438947938535

Address: 4-H, C block, Maintree area, CA

Details of the flat to be rented:

Address of the flat: 4-P, C block, Maintree area, CA

It is a 2 bedroom flat with kitchen, hall and one bathroom. There are 2 balconies attached with the two bedrooms

The total monthly rental charge: $1500

The rental amount shall be paid on 1st of every month.

Duration of contract: 12 months

Terms and conditions:

  • The TENANT agrees to pay the given rental charge to the OWNER for using the flat for residential purpose for the given duration of time.
  • The OWNER agrees to rent the flat to the TENANT.
  • The TENANT shall not sublease the flat to a third party without written prior notice sent to the OWNER.
  • The OWNER holds the right to inspect the flat after informing the TENANT at least a day in advance.
  • The TENANT can use electricity, water supply and cable connection without any extra charges.


Richard Spring               Bruce Jobs

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