A fixed fee construction contract is a legal document prepared by and between the owner (individual/ organization) and the contractor to avoid any kind of disputes regarding fees, payments and other terms. In such construction contract the term & conditions are very clear and straight forward.

Sample Fixed Fee Construction Contract

Contract Number: 123- CBH

This fixed fee contract is made as of October 12th, 2010 by and between the Owner organization:

Eagle Real Estates Pvt. Ltd

Postal Address:  34/ K, New Villa Road, Industrial Area- G, Toronto, Canada

Contact Number: 6480 530 5080


The contractor:

Elegant Constructors Pvt. Ltd

Official Address: 45/ H, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Canada

Phone Number: 7590 295 4279

License Number: BGHR 123499

The above mentioned owner organization is interested to hire the construction organization in order to renovate the office building for which the project is commencing on October 23rd, 2010 and is terminating on October 23rd, 2012.

Hereby, following are the articles agreed by both the organizations to work together:

Work Responsibilities:

The construction organization will be responsible for the entire renovation or remodelling construction work. All the arrangements for each service will be made by the construction organization.

Fixed Fees & charges:

Hereby, whatever the total amount spent over the contract preparation and documentation processing charges inclusive of other expenses will be, both the parties will bear the total fee together.

Payment Terms:

The owner organization will make an advance payment of $78000 to the construction organization, whereas the same amount will be paid after the completion of the project.

Allowance & Remittance:

In case if the owner organization is not interested to work with the construction organization, it will have to make an allowance payment of $ 34000, where the construction organization will remit the 50% of the payment taken in advance.


A cancellation clause will be true in case if any dispute occurs between the organizations. The term (c) will be revised in such a case.

Both the parties are requested to accept the contract:

Signature of the Owner Origination:

Emma David

Signature of the concerned person of the Constructor organization:     Designation:

Tim Hennery                                                                                                         C.E.O

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