A financial consulting contract is an agreement made between the financial consultant and the company that hires him for providing consultancy services regarding the finance of the company. This is a legal document that majorly consists of the terms and conditions that have to be agreed by both the parties.

Sample financial consulting contract

This contract is signed on the date: 2nd Feb, 2011

This contract is made between two parties known as the CONSULTANT and the COMPANY.

The details of both the involved parties are given as follows


Name: Mr. Matt Fredrick

Address: 34-P, peling street, London

Phone: 473985793576

The CONSULTANT works independently by the name of Fredrick consultancy which is based in London and specialises in providing financial services.

Details of COMPANY

Name: Paul Co. headed by Mr. Paul Washington

Official address: 23-K, Matt square, London

Phone: 478923749550

Duration of contract: 6 months

Payment amount: $1000 PM

Equal payment cheques shall be given to the CONSULTANT every month within the first week.

The following are the terms of the contract

  • The CONSULTANT shall perform financial advisory services on a non exclusive basis.
  • Both parties intend this agreement to be a personal contract and CONSULTANT shall not assign or delegate any rights, duties or obligations to a third party.
  • The terms of this contract shall commence on 1st March, 2011 and terminate on 1st September, 2011.
  • The violation of the terms and conditions of this contract by any party shall be met with legal implications taken against that party.


Matt Fredrick                  Paul Washington

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