A film license contract is a contract which is made between a film producer and an organisation or company which grants a license relating to film producing to the film producer. This contract is legal in nature and has certain terms and conditions which are mutually agreed by both the parties.

Sample film license contract

This contract has been made effective on date 27th July 2011 and shall remain into effect till 24 months from the effective date.

This contract has been made by and between Mr. Robert Grint who is the producer of the film and is hereby referred to as the licensee on the contract and Mr. Paul White who is the owner of the site B of the Mark film city and is hereby referred to as the licensor.

Details of licensee:

Address: T-8, Hemingway Street, New Jersey

Contact number: 4709347309473

Details of licensor:

Address: F-89, first floor, Merlin’s square, New York

Contact number: 4379483454035

The details of the site are given as follows

Purpose: The site shall be used for shooting purpose of the film for 24 months by the licensee

Address: Site B, Mark Film City, Hollywood

Total cost of license: $200000

Terms and conditions:

  • This site can be used for any shooting purpose but it should be handed back over in the same state as it was provided.
  • The site must be protected from fire or any other destruction.
  • The site can be used anytime of the day and any day of the week for shooting purpose.


Robert Grint

Paul White

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