A farm management contract is a contract which is made when a farm owner hires an individual or a company to manage and look after his farm for a specific period of time and in regard to certain terms and conditions. The contract is signed based upon an amount which the owner pays to the manager.

Sample Farm Management Contract:

Contract Number: 383.7

Date of signing of contract: 1st July, 2012

This Farm Management contract is made between two parties known as OWNER and MANAGER on the condition that the OWNER shall hire the MANAGER for a fixed period of time and for a fixed allowance.

Details of OWNER:

Name: Mr. Mathew Perry

Address of Farm: R-89, Mark district, Connecticut

Details of the MANAGER:

Name: Ms. Phoebe Gellar

Contact number: 47939358509539

Commencement of management of contract: 5th July, 2012

Termination of contract: 6 Months after commencement till 5th January, 2013

The contract is drafted on the mutual agreement of the following terms and conditions:

  • Payment Details: The OWNER shall pay the manager $2000 for the overall period of the contract including residential facility on the farm with electricity and water supply.
  • The MANAGER agrees to look after the farm and take care of the various equipments and machines used. He shall be responsible for overseeing the work and tasks done by the other employees hired on the farm.
  • The OWNER agrees to give the MANAGER right to make decisions and order materials and other supply whenever required.
  • Both parties must comply with all the terms of this contract.

Both the parties have validated the contract as follows:

Mathew Perry                    Phoebe Gellar

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