A facility rental contract is a legal document prepared when an organization or an individual lets out its facility on rent to another organization or individual. In most of the cases, the facility rented out is a part of the office building. The details mentioned in the facility include the type of facility being rented and the purpose of renting the facility.

Sample Facility Rental Contract

Facility Rental Contract Number:  F 31

Effective Date of contact:  October 12th, 2011

This facility rental contract has been drafted and entered between Colorado Business School referred to as the owner with campus located at:

12 Aspen High Road

Sin City, Colorado 4200

And Glenn Computer Services referred to as the tenant with principal office located at:

21 Roger Moore Road,

Sin City, Colorado 4201

As per the contract the owner will be renting out the computer department located in the campus to the tenant.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The contract expires on October 12th, 2014. The renewal of the contract after that is at the discretion of both the parties
  2. The rental amount to be paid by the tenant is $4000 per month. He has to pay three month’s rent in advance before the contract begins.
  3. The tenant assures that he will not misuse the facility and it will be used to provide computer training to the students of the campus.

Signature of the owner:                                                           Signature of the tenant:

Ron Diesel                                                                                                       Harry Potter

(On behalf of Colorado Business School)                        (On behalf of Glenn Computer Services)

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