An export manufacturer contract is a written legal document which is drafted between a manufacturer who exports goods produced by him and another party who is the importer of the products or services. Such contracts are based upon certain terms and conditions which have to be followed by both the involved parties.

Sample Export Manufacturer Contract

Export Manufacturer Contract

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This contract has been made effective as on 23rd April 2011

Duration of contract: 12 months

Termination date: 23rd April 2012

This contract has been made between the parties with the following details:


Name: Mr. Paul Mathews

Address: 12-d, 3rd floor, Tim road, London

Contact number: 4797094870394

The IMPORTER imports cycles and tricycles from the EXPORT MANUFACTURER who produce these products.


Name: Mr. Robert Bernard

Address: W-9, 1st floor, Lord lane, LA

Contact number: 4702979404794

Details of payment:

The importer shall pay the due amount within 10 days of receiving the order and through online payment method.

In case the payment is received late, the importer will be entitled to pay an extra charge of $50 per cycle.

Terms and conditions:

  • The IMPORTER must place order and give a time of 10 days of receiving order. On receiving the order, the IMPORTER must pay the due amount.
  • The EXPORT MANUFACTURER must deliver ordered products as soon as he can and last by 10 days.
  • Any damage caused due to shipping shall not be the responsibility of the EXPORT MANUFACTURER
  • The shipping charges shall be borne by the IMPORTER alone.

Validation of contract:

Mr. Paul Mathews ___________________

Mr. Robert Bernard _______________

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