Export contracts are legitimate binding between the two national & international business entities which can be commended for corporate business and can be produced on the government orders. An export contract covers the trade information, obligations for the parties and material/ product to be exported.

Types of the export contract: Logistic export contract, vehicle export contact, cosmetic export contract and others. Such a contract is created between the manufacturer of the goods and the buyer who is interested to buy the goods. Negotiation clauses, termination details and payment conditions are the highlighted covenants in this contract. The export contract is prepared with the involvement of a lawyer.

Following factors play an important role while preparing an export contract:

  • Legitimate export contract number.
  • Date on which the export contract is registered.
  • Effective date on which the export contract is commencing and terminating.
  • Full contact information of the manufacture and the buyer by giving the name of the concerned persons, designations, organization names, registered correspondence addresses and contact numbers, etc.
  • Details of all the term & conditions which cover decided quality to be exported, fixed payment procedures, renewal & termination of the export contract.
  • Signature of the manufacturer and the buyer.
  • Signature and address of the Solicitor.

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