An export contract template is a ready to use document while doing an export business. This type of contract template is entered between the buyer and the seller of the products and services.

Sample Export Contract Template:

Export Number: ______________

Date: ____/____/____ [enter the registration number & date]

This export contract is commenced between:

Details of the Buyer organization:

Name: __________________

Address: ________________

Phone: _________________

Website: ________________ hereinafter referred as the buyer company. [Give the full contact details of the buyer]

Details of the seller company:

Name: ________________

Address: ______________

Contact Number: __________

Official URL: _____________ hereinafter referred as the seller company. [Write the full contact details of the seller company]

The buyer company is ready to initiate the export contract for investing money in the following mentioned products:



________________ [give the full details of the required services]

This export contract is effective from ___/____/____ and is terminating on ___/____/____. [Give the dates for the contract]

Terms & conditions for the export contract:

Payment clause:

The buyer company will pay $ ____________ [payment in the local currency] as an advance amount and on every purchase the amount according to the lot will be paid.

Duties of the seller:

The seller company will ship the full batch of the products on time. Otherwise there will be no payment for the order.


__________________________ [mention the details and clauses for the termination term]

Hereby, the buyer company and the seller company are requested to validate the export contract:

Signed by the Buyer Company: _________________

Signed by the seller company: _________________ [accepted by both the parties]

Signature of the Solicitor: _____________________ [approval of the lawyer]

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