An export contract is an agreement between two or more parties wherein one of the entities is exporting (i.e. selling) a commodity to the other entity. An export contract letter is a statement which is written by either of the involved parties to the other party, discussing the terms of the contract which they are about to sign. A sample of an export contract letter between an art supplier and a chain of galleries has been given below for convenience of all.

Sample Export Contract Letter


Mr. Henry Forbes

Purchase Manger

Hansford Galleries Ltd.

45th, William Street, Johannesburg


25th February, 2012.

Subject: Regarding the export contract for the trade of art pieces.


This is to get a confirmation on the export contract which is to be prepared between the gallery and our art supplying firm. The contract states that the Hansford Galleries Ltd. has rendered the services of Frontier Art Suppliers Ltd.

The details of the pieces to be exported have been conveyed to us in our prior conversations. We assure the gallery that all the art pieces will be as per the specifications. The prices of the pieces are non- negotiable as previously informed. We also promise the delivery within the deadline as requested the gallery representatives.

We also agree on the term of payment being made once the pieces are received and your representatives are satisfied. We shall meet on 27th February, 2012, for the scheduled signing of the contract.

Yours Sincerely,


Ms. Kelly Brooke

Sales Manager

Frontier Art Suppliers Ltd.

7th and 3rd, Benson Street, London

United Kingdom.


Export Agreements 

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