An export contract form provides details of the parties involved in the contract and the terms and conditions agreed between them. An export contract is a document which is signed between two or more parties when one of the parties is required to export a certain commodity/ service to other party; and both the parties are separated by national boundaries. The sample export contract form given below has been prepared between an exporter of socks and an importer for the same.

Sample Export Contract Form

Date of singing the contract: 27th February 2012.

The contract has been prepared by and is being signed between M/s Manta Hosieries Ltd. and Danny Stores Pvt. Ltd. as on the date mentioned above.

The contract states that M/s Manta has agreed to responsibly export a batch of socks to Danny Stores Pvt. Ltd. by the date of delivery stated below by the importer. The batch will contain socks as per the specifications provided by the importer.

The date of delivery: 30th April, 2012

Details of the Fashion Exporter:

Official Name: M/s Manta Hosieries Ltd.

Signatory: Mrs. Annie Bronson

Designation: Sales Manager

Contact No.: 0982-450-934

Correspondence Address: 16th, St. James Street, London, UK.

Details of the Buyer:

Official Name: Danny Stores Pvt. Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. Fredrick Donnelly

Designation: Purchase Manager

Address: 2nd and 5th, Madison Square, New York, USA.

Contact No.: 09459-53-487-698

Terms and Conditions:

  1. 1. The transportation arrangements of the commodities must be done by the entities in coordination.
  2. 2. The importer is required to make full payment within 10hrs from the receipt of the ordered goods.


________________________________ (Mrs. Annie Bronson)

________________________________ (Mr. Fredrick Donnelly)

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