An executive employment contract is an official understanding between the higher authority of an organization and the selected candidate in terms to hire high level services.

Sample Executive Employment Contract

Contract Number:  170- B

This executive employment contract is made, dated October 11th, 2010, by and between Blue Skyline Insurance Company Ltd. and Ms. Susan Hudson.

Blue Skyline Insurance Company Ltd is located at Ottawa, Canada AND available at 5690 790 3204, whereas the employee resided inside Toronto, Canada AND available at 5690 700 7860.


Hereby, the employer organization and board of directors are willing to hire the employee on the designation of Chief Executive Officer- Finance by reviewing the executive capacity of the employee.

The employee is interested to work with the organization hereinafter considered as the main official of the company in order to provide with outstanding performance.

Employment Codes & Conducts as following:

(a)Designation Commitments: This is one of the major key roles in the finance department, where the employee has to work according to the current company policies and lead with effective strategies along with the finance team in order to justify the core strengths of her candidature. Hence, this contract is contemporary for a year.

(b)  Monthly Package: As promised by the employer, the monthly package will be transferred on 7th of each month in the provided account. The break up slip and reward receipt will be issued on 6th of each month via an e-mail.

(c) Termination of Designation: By evaluating the current records, the action may result to the termination of this contract, if any issue found regarding the violation of security policies.

(d)Others: If the candidate is found suitable within the tenure, this agreement can be extended.


Signature of concerned authority:

Jim Brown

Designation: Managing Director- Finance

Blue Skyline Insurance Company Ltd.

Contract is agreed and signed by:

Employee Name: Susan Hudson

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