An executive employment contract is a formal agreement which is drafted between the employer and the executive, who is the employee. This agreement marks the prerequisites to be followed by the executive. The agreement also mentions the termination policies of the company.

Sample Executive Employment Contract Template

Contract Number: _________________

Date effective from: _____/_______/_______ (the specific date of issuing the contract)

This contract has been made and effective from _______ of ______,20______(the exact day and month of preparing the contract) between, ___________(employer’s name) and _______(executive’s name).

From this time onwards, the employer recruits the executive  to carry out his services in ____________ (department’s name in which the executive is going to work). This  agreement is valid from the date of___________ and ends on __________________.

Employer’s contact details:


Official address:___________

Contact number:____________

Website address:_____________

Contact details of employee:




E-mail id:____________

The treaty and the guarantee undertaken by both the parties are as follows:

a) Duty and responsibility:

The employee will be working under the supervision of _________(name of the HOD) and fulfill the  given duties. The details of duties to be per formed will be given on the date of joining.

b) Remuneration:

The employee will receive a salary of ____________ (amount) which will be paid on ______ (date of the month).

c) Termination:

If the employee violates any rule and his performance is not satisfactory, the employment can be terminated.

d) Rewards:

If the employee continues to deliver a brilliant performance, he will be rewarded.

By: _________

Signature of the Employer:__________

Designation: _______________ (of employer)

Signature of the employee: _____________ (employee’s signature)

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