An exclusive software license contract is one which is entered into between two parties for the purpose of granting software license by one party to the other. The exclusive rights on the software are applicable in this contract that prohibits the availability of the software license to any other party other the one who obtains the license.

Sample Exclusive Software License Contract

This exclusive software license contract is effective from 21st August 2012 between the parties M/s Sheerness Solutions Ltd and M/s Loughton Software Company wherein the former company is the licensor and the latter is the licensee.

Details of Licensor –

M/s Sheerness Solutions Ltd,

#4, Walsall, West Midlands,

London, WS3

Details of Licensee –

M/s Loughton Software Company,

#56, Weymouth, Dorset,

London, DT3

Terms of Exclusive Software License –

1. The licensor agrees to provide the exclusive software rights to the licensee for a royalty fee of 8000 pounds payable every year.

2. The licensee obtains the exclusive rights of the software from the licensor which can be modified, reproduced, publicly used or even sub-licensed by the licensee freely under the brand name of the licensee company.

3. The licensee further gets the rights of making use of the software for both commercial and non-commercial use which can be for research purpose as deemed fit by the licensee.

4. The royalty fees paid by the licensee shall be nonrefundable under all circumstances irrespective of the sales or profit derived by the licensee with the use of the software.

5. The liability of payment of tax, patent fees etc shall lie upon the licensor with no obligation on the part of the licensee for the same.

6. The exclusive software license issued to the licensee shall be terminated only on the condition of non-payment of the annual royalty fees by the licensee which attracts termination of the contract with the licensee having to pay a penalty of 10% of the cost of the software to the licensor.


Signature of the licensor: ______________

Signature of the licensee: _________________

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