An excavating subcontractor contract is generally used to subcontract a part of excavation work of the contractor to a subcontractor. The legally binding agreement terms, work details, payment terms, and timelines are to be mentioned clearly in the excavating subcontractor contract.

Sample Excavating Subcontractor Contract:

Subcontractor number: 1543

Requisition number: 285

Effective date of this subcontract is 29th May, 2007

The parties intend to legally bind by the following terms of the agreement

This agreement made as of the above effective date between BK Group, here after referred to as the “contractor” and ABC Corporation, here after referred to as the “subcontractor”.

Address of the contractor: 2000 International Park Drive, Birmingham, Alabama, 35243

Address of the subcontractor: 7100 Athens Place, Washington DC, 20521-7100

Work description

  • The subcontractor shall furnish all materials, labour, supervision, tools, freight, etc needed to study the excavation project at the site 785 Otway Mines, Alabama.
  • All submitted documents are to be sent to the following address:  2000 International Park Drive, Birmingham, Alabama, 35243
  • Any excavation permit will be obtained from BK Group before digging, no matter what the depth of hole, trench, or excavation.
  • The subcontractor is responsible all clean-ups of potential hazards at the site during the shifts.

Payment terms

The payment by the contractor to the subcontractor would be made at the end of every month as per the expenses incurred and according to the wages specified in the annexure.

Project dates

Effective state date of the project: 01st Jul 2007

Effective end date of the project: 31st Mar 2008

Acknowledgement of the parties towards the agreement

Signature of the contractor:   BK Group

Signature of the Subcontractor: ABC Corporation

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