Event management is a task in which a person or party agrees to organize, manage and administer an event for a client or an event host. These kinds of services are generally provided by event management companies for clients. In most of the cases of using event management services, the involved parties agree to form an event management agreement contract.

An event management agreement contract is a written formal arrangement where the client hires an event manger for a certain fixed period of time and in return for a certain payment.

Event management agreement contracts are useful and very important documents as they safeguard the rights of each of the parties and enforce the involved parties to fulfill their part of the arrangement. The contract document must include the names, addresses and contact numbers of the client and the service provider and should also state the amount of payment that the service provider will be getting for his/her services.

The most important part of an event management agreement is the part where the clauses or the terms and conditions are given.  These terms and conditions must clearly define the responsibilities of the event manager and the way the parties are expected to conduct themselves during the effective term.

Sample Event Management Agreement Contract


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