An equipment sales contract is a document which is drafted when an individual or an organization referred to as the buyer purchases equipments from another individual or an organization referred to as the seller. The details mentioned in the contract include the type of equipment purchased, cost of the equipment, mode of payment etc.

Sample Equipment Sales Contract

Equipment Sales Contract Number: ES 23

Effective date of contract: 21st of May 2011

This contract has been drafted and entered into between May Flower referred to as the seller with office located at 34 Roger Moore Road, North Dakota, Colorado 5123 and Jane Austen referred to as the buyer with office located at Park Side Road, North Dakota, Colorado 5174.

As per the contract the seller will be selling sports equipment to the buyer.

There are few terms and conditions that both the parties have to agree to:

  1. The contract is valid till 21st of May 2013. After the contract expires the renewal of the contract is at the discretion of both the parties.
  2. The seller will be selling at least fifty equipments to the buyer every month. The seller will have to ensure that the equipments delivered to the buyer are not damaged.
  3. The buyer will pay an amount of $1000 for each consignment of fifty equipments to the seller. The payment has to be made as soon as the equipments have been delivered. The payment has to be made in cash.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions:

Signature of the seller:                                                        Signature of the buyer:

May Flower                                                                                        Jane Austen

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