An equipment rental contract is a written agreement made between the owner of equipment and the party who wants to rent that equipment for a fixed period of time. This document consists of the terms and conditions after signing of which the two parties get into a contract.

Sample equipment rental contract

This equipment rental contract is made between the OWNER and the RENTER.

Mr. Greg Martin is hereby referred to as the OWNER and owns the equipment in question. He resides at 12-P, bridgeover square, London

Mr. Peter Wesley is hereby referred to as the RENTER and wants to rent the equipment in question. He resides at Q-87, main park road, London

This contract is made on: 12th Feb, 2011

This contract is valid from: 20th Feb, 2011

Duration of contract: 1 month

This contract is made for the equipment: Canon digital camera 1000D with the lens kit containing 18-55mm and 50-250mm lenses.

The rent per day to be paid by RENTER to OWNER is: $75

Total rent to be paid: $2250

Half the amount shall be paid before starting of contract and the rest of the amount shall be paid on the last day of contract.

Terms and conditions:

  • The RENTER shall keep the equipment in proper conditions without causing any damage to it.
  • The OWNER shall provide all parts of the equipment to the RENTER.
  • The RENTER shall return the equipment as soon as the contract ends.
  • The RENTER shall make the payments exactly at the decided time to avoid extra charges.
  • In case if any damage is caused to the equipment by the renter the entire cost will be borne by him.

Greg Martin           Peter Wesley.

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