Engineering is a branch of science which is required in almost every industry and field of the world. Whether it is in factories, workshops, IT companies, construction companies or networking units, engineers are needed for their skills and knowledge. When a consulting engineer is hired by a company for his/her services, then the contract that is formed between the company and the engineer is known as a consulting engineering services contract. The contract is a way of asserting individual rights and ensuring that none of the parties can be cheated later on.

A consulting engineering services contract is a highly important document since it records all the details related to the services which the engineer will provide as well as the salary that would be paid to him. The contract acts as proof in case any legal intervention has to be made.  For this reason , it must be very detailed and should cover all possible situations and circumstances that may arise. The section called as ‘terms and conditions’ should be where all important details are to be given along with the circumstances in which premature termination can take place. The parties must sign the document at the bottom to show their consent.

Sample Consulting Engineering Services Contract:

Consulting Engineering Services Contract

Download Consulting Engineering Services Contract


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