An energy management contract is drafted when a public or a private sector company decides to take an initiative and hire another enterprise to carry out the energy managerial functions in return of a specific payment. The contract lays down the operational terms and conditions to which both the parties shall abide.

Sample Energy Management Contract

Contract Number: EG 2580

Date of Registration: 8th June, 2010.

This is an agreement made between Ms. Florence Wayne, as the representative of the ABC company which has its office at 302 S Lk St, Oscoda, Mississippi and Mr. Alex Pinto, as the representative of the energy management company having its office at 112, Paddington Sta, Maylene, Connecticut.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The contract shall be valid for two years until and unless any of the parties do not terminate the contract.
  • The energy management company will get a remuneration of  $5,00,000 on a yearly basis.
  • The energy management company has to assure water conservation so that there is no lack of water supply when required.
  • If there is excess release of emissions, the energy management company has to reduce that.
  • The energy management company has to come up with new techniques to improve energy efficiency.
  • The energy management company has to ensure reduction in the formation of volatile energy.
  • The service provider company will be provided technical support from the staff of the technical department of ABC Company.

Hence, both the parties concerned are in approval of this contract.

Signature of the client:

Ms. Florence Wayne

Signature of the service provider

Mr. Alex Pinto


Sam Peterson

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