Whenever an employee or a business owner hires employees or workers to perform a certain service, then the employer and the employee may wish to draft a written proof of their mutual discussion related to the job duties of the employee, the employment term, the payment of salary and other such details.

Such a written proof is known as an employment service contract. An employment service contract is a legally binding document which specifies the way the employer wants the employee to work and also defines the role of the employer in the arrangement.

These contracts are generally formed to bind the employee in the service for a fixed period of time before which he/she cannot be fired or cannot leave the job. This time period is known as the employment term and to define it, the contract must mention the commencement date of the employment service as well as its termination date.

The most important part of an employment service contract is the terms and clauses part wherein the important details of the service are given including working days of the employee, working hours of the employee, details related to wages, leaves, holidays, compensation, benefits and code of conduct.

Sample Employment Service Contract:


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