An employment contract letter is a document which an individual who may be an employer (or an employee) writes to the other party i.e. the employee (or employer), discussing the employment contract which they are about to sign to legalize the hiring of the employee. The employment contract letter given below is sample where the employee agrees to taking the job and the terms put forth for the same.

Sample Employment Contract Letter


Mr. William Jingles

HR Manager

James and Sons Dairy Ltd

649, St. Victor Street,



25th February, 2012.

Subject: In reference to the employment contract.

Mr. William

I would like to thank you for offering me the job position at your esteemed organization. I agree to the following terms and conditions which are included in the employment contract:

  • The normal work days are 6 in number with weekly off being on Wednesday of every week.
  • The work timing though fixed for 9:30 to 5:30 might be adjusted according to the work in hand.
  • The salary is set at the standard set across the industry.
  • The job responsibilities are as per the description provided.
  • Any leave requirement must be approved by the management/ immediate boss.
  • Any travel on the job will be completely paid for.
  • The perks such as medical insurance etc are as per the standard employment regulations.
  • The contract holds valid for two years from the date of signing the contract, after which it may be renewed on consent of both the parties.

I will be obliged to join as per requirement and would also like to sign the employment contracts.

Yours Sincerely,


Mr. Henry Hathaway

House no. 57, Belford Street,




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