An employment contract form refers to a regular contract of employment drawn between entities which are employing an individual (s) for a certain position. The employment contract records all the details of the employer and the employee. A sample of an employment contract form has been provided below for use by anyone in need of framing an employment contract.

Sample Employment Contract Form

This contract is being prepared on 25th February, 2012.

The contract is being prepared by and is being signed between Lawrence Enterprises Ltd. which will be referred to as the employer and Mr. Henry Rushford, to be referred as the employee, on the above mentioned date.

The contract states that the Enterprise has hired Mr. Henry Rushford, as an employee at the position of senior manager, for the branch in Lower Manhattan, USA.

Details of the Employer:

Official Name: Lawrence Enterprises Ltd.

Authorized Signatory: Mr. Gary Both

Designation: HR Manager

Contact No.: 458-097-459

Official Address: 45th and 3rd, Madison Square, Manhattan, New York, USA.

Details of the Employee:

Name: Mr. Henry Rushford

Contact No.: 458-785-678

Correspondence Address: 22nd, 2nd Street, Victorian Square, New York, USA.

Email Address:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The salary to be paid will be as per the standard for the respective job position.
  2. The employee is required to follow and maintain the decorum of the office space.

The employee is expected to meet all the responsibilities as mentioned in the job description.

Signatures of the parties involved:

_____________________________ (Mr. Gary Both)

_____________________________ (Mr. Henry Rushford)



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