An employment contract is a contract which is signed when an agency/ entity takes the decision to employ a certain individual or entity for position in their business operations. The contract makes a record of the individual being employed, the employer and the terms set by the involved parties which must be complied with. An example of an employment contract is being provided below.

Sample Employment Contract Example

Date of signing the Contract:  25th February, 2012.

The contract is being prepared by and is being signed between an employer under the name Barney Publications Ltd. and an employer named, Ms. Jenna Summers, as on the date of signing the contract mentioned.

The contract records that the publication house under the name Barney Publications is hiring Ms. Jenna Summers as an employee for the position of Sales Manager. The employment contract holds for a year from the date of joining.

Date of joining: 1st March 2012.

Details of the Employer:

Official Name: Barney Publications Ltd.

Authorized Signatory: Mr. Willy Wonga

Designation: HR Manager

Contact No.: 879-686-766-76

Official Address: 45th, Fourth Floor, Second Street, New Jersey, USA.

Details of the Employee:

Name: Ms. Jenna Summers

Contact No.: 879-437-836-82

Correspondence Address: 22nd, Victor Square, New Jersey, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The employment contract must be renewed every year.
  2. Both the parties are allowed to ask for annulment on grounds of lack of satisfaction.
  3. The salary is as per the standard set for similar positions.


_____________________________ (Mr. Willy Wonga)

_____________________________ (Ms. Jenna Summers)

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