There are instances of an employer breaking employment contract. However there are ways to work around it. If the employee feels there has been a breach of agreement, he must go through the terms of the contract to be certain. If there has, the employee must try to sort it out directly with the employer first of all.

If the employee cannot resolve the issue with the employer, it is best to opt for legal assistance. Think cautiously before taking legal help against any employer.

Always remember that an employee shall only get reimbursement (called ‘damages’) if he can get evidence about real financial damage, for example, if the employer does not give the employee his wages – there’s of course no compensation for sorrow or hurt feelings.

Also remember that getting legal action might make the employer to bring out a contradictory-claim against the employee if they think they have any.

If the employee is a trade union member, it would be great to speak to them before proceeding with any legal help, as certain unions provide free legal advice for their respective members. Otherwise, the employee may talk to an attorney.

To make a demand while the employee is employed in the same firm he will usually go through the little claims path of the county court or any other civil court.

The time duration for making the claim to any civil court is more than the time needed to make a complaint to any Employment Tribunal. Thus whenever an employer breaks an employment contract there are various ways for an employee to deal with the same.

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