An employee vehicle contract is an official document drafted when an employee of an organization uses the vehicle owned by the organization in which he is working. The contract has details like the model and make of the vehicle and also the terms and conditions to be followed by the employee while using the vehicle.

Sample Employee Vehicle Contract

Contract number: JI52114

Date of registration: 14th April 2011

This employee vehicle agreement has been drafted between, John Woo referred to as the employee and Henry Manufacturers Limited referred to as the employer.

As per the contract John Woo has the authority to use the vehicle owned by the employer for his personal use.

Details of the employee:

Residential address: 41 Glenn Park Street,

New York, New Jersey 5214.

Contact number: 52413658

Email id:

Details of the employer:

Office address: 57 Aspen High Road

New York, New jersey 5221.

Office Contact number: 52413784

Email id:

The terms and conditions to be followed by the employee while using the vehicle are as follows:

  1. A monthly amount of $200 will be deducted from the salary of the employee in the form conveyance allowance.
  2. The employee will make sure that the vehicle will always be driven by him and not by any other individual unless a company driver is appointed.
  3. The fuel charges of the vehicle will be borne by the employee and he will not receive any compensation from the company.

Find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of employee:                                                                    Signature of employer:

Tom Hanks                                                                                        Lee Jones

(On behalf of Henry Manufacturers Limited)

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