An employee training contract is a written document that specifies all the terms and conditions based on which two parties called EMPLOYER and the TRAINEE sign the contract. This kind of a contract is made when the EMPLOYER provides training to the TRAINEE so that he can perform well in the organisation.

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Employment Contract Template in iPages

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Sample employee training contract

This contract is made between EMPLOYER and the TRAINEE.

Details of the EMPLOYER

Name: Mr. Jack Philips

Phone: 473987985599

The EMPLOYER owns Philips Co. which is a company that deals with garment manufacturing.

Details of the TRAINEE

Name: Mr. Daniel Fred

Phone: 4738947893475

The TRAINEE is a Business administration post graduate and working with Philips Co.

Effective date of contract: 1’St Feb, 2011

The EMPLOYER shall provide Sales and marketing training to the employees for a period of 3 months before letting them work full time in the company.

Timings of training: 10am to 3 pm everyday

Duration of contract: 3 months

Starting date of training: 1’St March, 2011

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The EMPLOYER agrees to provide training to the TRAINEE on the condition that the TRAINER shall to his best to perform up to the expectations.
  • The TRAINEE shall not be recruited as a full time employee if his attendance during training falls below 90%.
  • The TRAINEE shall give a test at the end of the training in which if he fails, will not be recruited by the EMPLOYER.
  • The EMPLOYEE holds a right to inspect the training sessions and give extra tips and suggestions.


Jack Philips                Daniel Fred

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