An employee service agreement contract is a kind of a contract which is framed in the case when an employer is hiring an individual as an employee in his/her company or organisation so as to use the service of the employee. These contracts are made to lay down the terms and conditions of the employee service agreement and the various obligations that each party has to attend to during the length of the contract. The following is a sample of one such employee service agreement contract which you can use for the purpose of reference.

Sample employee service agreement contract:

This is an employee service agreement contract which is made between the EMPLOYER and the EMPLOYEE.

Commencement date of contract: 12th June 2013

Termination date of contract: 12th June 2014

Details of the EMPLOYER:

Name of company: Madison Inc

Name of managing director: Ralph White

Contact number: 4370937550

Official address: 4-h, first floor, Markson tower, New York City, USA

Details of the EMPLOYEE

Name of employee: Henry Jackson

Contact number: 4732809052

Email ID:

Details of employee service agreement

Job position of employee: senior software programmer

Work timings: 8 am to 5 pm

Weekly off days: Saturday and Sunday

Salary: $1500 per month

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

The EMPLOYER agrees to hire the EMPLOYEE at the above mentioned position for a period of 1 year, during which the EMPLOYEE cannot work anywhere else and cannot quit or resign from the position.

The EMPLOYEE is required to work as per the job description and work profile which has been given to him in writing by the EMPLOYER and is obliged to take directions from the Team Manager.

The EMPLOYER must make salary payments on monthly basis.

The EMPLOYEE cannot take leaves without prior written permission of the EMPLOYER.


Henry Jackson

Ralph White

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