An employee confidentiality contract is an official commitment between an organization and a concerned employee to protect the important information of the company during the official procedures handled by the employee. In this contract, term & conditions, confidentiality section and employee’s job duties are mentioned very clearly.

Sample Employee Confidentiality Contract:

Contract number: 890/ ECP

Date: February 13th, 2011

This employee confidentiality contract is made & registered between Eagles Marketing Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office No: 67, Enigma Square, Spencer Road, New York, America, hereinafter referred as the employer.


Mr. Neil Jonson, Designation; Accounts Manager, Department: Accounts, Employed at: Eagle Marketing Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter referred as the employee.

Whereas, the employer is initiating the confidentiality contract with the employee in order to keep the highly sensitive data & records safe, which are solely handled by the above mentioned employee.

This contract is validating from February 14th, 2011

Term & Conditions:

Responsibility of the Employer:

The employer will pay $ 500 per month for the maintenance of the private accounts to the employee.

Duties & Obligations of the Employee:

The employee has to manage the overall accounts by analysing the existing account details. The employee will be responsible for checking the private & confidential accounts of the employer for monitoring the transaction.

Confidentiality clause:

The employer will allow the full access to the employee for inspecting the accounts on request. Employee has to be faithful and should not share the confidential data to the third party. In case of any outflow of the information, it will be considered as a legal offence and the employee can be fired.

Termination Claus:

Any termination or abuse to the above mentioned term & conditions can breach this contract.

Acceptance of the Employee Confidentiality Contract:

Singed by the Employer:                                                          Signed by the Employee:

Jim Smith                                                                                  Neil Johnson

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