An employee confidentiality contract is one that is entered into between the employer and employee. This contract sets out the terms of employment and in specific provides the confidentiality clause. The clause relates to the employee keeping the internal information of the organization secretive and confirming not to disclose the same to any external sources.

Sample Employee Confidentiality Contracts

Employee contract agreement number EC/17 dated 27th February 2013

This employee confidentiality contract is entered into between M/s Newark associates hereafter referred to as employer and Mr. Richard John hereafter referred to as employee.

The employee agrees to the following terms of the agreement :-

  • The employer may have exposure to some of the confidential information of the employer in the due course of working including trade secrets, license information, pricing information etc.
  • The employee hereby agrees not to disclose any part or in full the details of confidential information obtained from the organization either during employment or after one year of leaving the organization to any other third person.
  • On termination or resignation of employment the employee will return back all the manuals, manuscripts etc that divulge confidential information regarding the company to immediate supervisor.
  • In the event of the employee violating any of the confidentiality clauses agreed upon above will be liable for legal remedy by the employer at the cost of the employee.
  • There are no other promises or expressions made by the employer other than the ones specified in this confidentiality agreement including the addendum to employment attached separately along with this contract.
  • This contract falls under the jurisdiction of the courts of Dorset and shall be liable to undertake legal proceedings in the aforesaid courts of law.
  • This agreement shall be interpreted according to the labor laws governing the state of Dorset.

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