An electronics maintenance contract is a document as per which an electrician is bound to provide maintenance service to the electronic products of a certain individual or an organization. The contract mentions the terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties and the maintenance fee to be paid to the electrician and also the location of providing the service.

Sample Electronics Maintenance Contract

Electronics Maintenance Contract Number: EJ 1245

Date of registering the contract: 25th April 2011

This maintenance service contract has been prepared as on this date of 14th of April 2011 between Wires & Cables Limited termed as the electrician and Mr. Jack Loo termed as the customer.

A per the contract Wires & Cables Limited has to maintain all the electronic equipments, electrical connections and circuits at the residential address of Jack Loo located at:

41 Rock Ford Road,

New Finland, Los Angeles 5214

There are few terms and conditions that both the parties have to agree to:

  1. The contract expires on 13th of April 2013. After the contract expires, renewal of the contract is at the discretion of both the parties.
  1. The electrician will be paid a fee of $200 per visit. He has to make at least one visit every month. In case he fails to make a visit, he has to make an extra visit next month.

In acceptance to the above terms and conditions, both the parties have put their signature below:

Signature of the electrician:                                                        Signature of the customer:

Jason West                                                         Jack Loo

(On behalf of Wires & Cables Limited)

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