An educational consultant contract agreement is an agreement which is formed between an educational consultant company and a client who uses the consultancy services by making a certain payment to the company. These agreements consist of legally enforceable terms and conditions which both the parties are bound to follow and abide by.

According to these contracts, the consultancy company must provide its services to the client for the effective term of the contract. Given below is a sample of an educational consultant contract agreement which can be referred to by anyone.

Sample Educational Consultant Contract Agreement

Effective date of contract agreement: 3rd Nov 2012

Effective period of contract agreement: 6 months

Termination date of contract agreement: 3rd May 2013

This educational consultant contract agreement has been formed by and between the CONSULTANT and the CLIENT, whose details are given below:


Name of educational consultant company: Future prospects

Name of consultant: Timothy Fredson

Official address: A-78, first floor, Henderson tower, Birmingham

Official contact number: 47309575

CLIENT Details:

Name of client: Ray Daniel

Contact number: 47093257

Residential address: S-23, second floor, Redding tower, Potter Street, Birmingham

Details of Services:

List of services to be provided by CONSULTANT to CLIENT

  • Educational consultancy
  • Career advice
  • Admission process help

Payment Details:

The CLIENT shall be paying a sum of $500 to the CONSULTANT for all the services provided.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract:

  • The CLIENT shall be visiting the head office of the CONSULTANT to avail consultancy services.
  • The CONSULTANT must give unbiased consultancy services to the CLIENT as per the need and requirement of the CLIENT.
  • The CLIENT must make the payment at the beginning of the contract.
  • The CLIENT will have to make admission fees and other payments separately.


Timothy Fredson

Ray Daniel

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