Education Franchise Contract is one that is entered into between an educational institution and another company that wants to take up its franchise. The main purpose of the contract for education franchise is to offer the rights of running the educational institution with the permission and on lines of the parent educational institution.

Sample Education Franchise Contracts

This education franchise agreement is entered into between M/s Howell Catherine Educational Group who is the parent education company and M/s Carlton Group which is the franchise educational institution for the purpose of running an educational institution in the name and style of the parent company. This contract is dated 29th June 2013 and effective from within eight days of having paid the franchise deposit amount in full.

The franchise company is seeking approval of the parent educational institution to run coaching classes in the Essex area of London where the exiting training institute of the franchise company exists.

The parent educational institution has agreed to provide the approval to the franchise company through this contract by setting forth the following terms and conditions:-

  • The franchise company has to pay one time franchise fee of $30,000.
  • The parent educational institution agrees to provide franchise for a period of two years and renewable at the instance of both the companies at that point of time.
  • The franchise company agrees to collect the fees for conducting the training program according to the rules and regulations followed by the parent company.
  • The franchise company further agrees to follow all the procedures for training on similar standards of the parent company without any deviation.
  • The franchise company is solely responsible for the maintenance of the training institute and any such related costs shall not be borne by the parent company under any circumstances.
  • The franchise company will permit the parent educational institution to inspect the training institute as and when the parent educational institution deems fit.

Signature of the parent company: ______________

Signature of the franchise company: ____________


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