An education consulting contract refers to a legally binding document or contract which is made in the case when an education consultant agrees to provide his/her consulting services to a person or an organization. Such a contract is thus formed between a CLIENT and the EDUCATION CONSULTANT. In the case of such contracts the party that is referred to as the EDUCATION CONSULTANT can also be a company rather than being a person.

An education consultant contract specifies the kind of education consulting services the consultant shall offer to the student or client and the number of times or occasions for which the contract shall remain effective. The contract must thus give the total period of validation which is simply termed as the effective period.  The contract document must also include the basic personal details of the involved parties as well for future reference or identification.

An education consulting contract must consist of a detailed section known as the ‘terms and conditions’. The terms and conditions must give in detail the manner in which the parties must act and what responsibilities they must both fulfil.  The legal nature of the contract makes it so important and also makes it mandatory for the parties to abide by it.

Sample Education Consulting Contract :

Education Consulting Contract

Download Education Consulting Contract

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