A domestic partnership contract is a legal agreement between two individuals who live together as a couple and share a common domestic life but are not married. Domestic partnership contracts are also entered by partners to solve issues of property ownership, support obligations and sharing of other expenses as seen in general marriage. It is mainly entered to recognise the contribution of one partner to the property of another.

Sample Domestic Partnership Contract:

We, Sharon Miller and James Broker, enter into this domestic partnership contract on April 25, 2011, whereby we shall lay down how property and income shall be shared between the two of us.

  • We are in a relationship of mutual support and are both responsible for our welfare.
  • We are both above 18 years of age and mentally competent to consent to this contract.
  • Neither one of us is married nor legally separated from any other person. We are not engaged in any other domestic partnership besides this one.
  • We are both responsible for our assets and debts.

Terms and conditions:

The property and all assets legally belong to the partner that earned or paid for it.

Here is a list of assets owned by Sharon Miller:

  • Television, refrigerator, furniture, kitchen appliances, cutlery
  • House, car, computer, music system

All income earned by us during this domestic partnership belongs to both of us in equal share and should we separate, it shall be divided equally.

If we break our partnership, then the above mentioned assets shall be distributed among the rightful owner.

Signature: Sharon Miller

Signature: James Broker

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