A domain name lease contract is one that is entered into between a domain name owner who is a lessor and an individual who wants to take the domain name on lease who is a lessee in the contract. This contract ensures that all the provision related to the domain name lease are clearly specified and agreed upon by both the parties to the contract. There are many important aspects that are clearly specified in the domain name lease contract so as to ensure clarity in the lease transaction between both the parties.

Sample Domain Name Lease Contract

A domain name lease contract is entered into between the lessor M/s Click lease Association Ltd, #1, Aldershot, Hampshire, London, GU12 and M/s Internet Marketing Company, #6, Broxburn, West Lothian, London, EH15 who is the lessee on 1st June 2013.

The terms and conditions of the lease are mentioned below:

1. The lessor is providing the lease of domain name that fits the requirement of the lessee which is subject to availability. Therefore the lessee agrees to obtain a domain name that matches closest to the requirement.

2. The lease of domain name is allocated to the lessee for a period of six years which can be further renewed on mutual understanding between both the parties.

3. The lessee agrees to pay a fixed non-refundable amount of 200 pounds before the domain name is allocated.

4. The content displayed and used on the domain name after lease is solely the responsibility of the lessee with no forbearance of any implications assigned to the lessor at any point of time during the lease period.

5. It is the responsibility of the lessor to allocate the domain name within 24 hours of payment received from the lessee and make it active and functional including registration with the domain names registrar.

Signature of Lessor   _________________

Signature of Lessee   _________________

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