A directory services contract is a document which is entered between an individual or an organization and a directory service provider. The contract states the terms and conditions that the individual or organization has to agree to in order to list their business or contact details in the directory of the service provider.

Sample Directory Services Contact

Directory services contract number: DS 34

Effective date of contract: 12th of December 2011

This directory services contract has been drafted and entered between Henry Consultation Services referred to as the client and Red Pages Directory referred to as the service provider. As per the contract, the business as well as contact details of the client will mentioned in the directory service provided by the service provider.

Details of the client:

Office address: 89 India Like Road

South Hall, United Kingdom 3987

Phone number: 56489

Fax number: 56490

E mail id: hen@gmail.com

Details of the service provider:

Office address: 23 Thailand Like Road

South Hall, United Kingdom 3987

Phone number: 56790

Fax number: 56791

E mail id: red@gmail.com

Terms and conditions:

  1. The client has to pay the service provider a registration fee of $2000 to get their company details registered in the directory.
  2. The contract is valid till 11th of December 2013. After that if the client wants to renew again, they will have to again pay the registration fee.
  3. The service provider has to ensure that the business details of the client are registered within one week after receiving the registration fee.

Signature of client:                                                                      Signature of service provider:

Henry Cooper                                                                                           Jimmy Red

(MD, Henry Consultation Services)                                       (MD, Red Pages Directory)

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