A director employment contract, as the name depicts, is a contract, which is committed between the deserving employee and a organization. This contract mentions all the rules and regulations between the concerned parties.

Sample Directors Employment Contract

Contract Number: 123- B

Date of Contract: October 11th, 2010

This contract is prepared between the employer organizations Jamey & Johnson Groups Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Nick Colman for the designation of Director- Sales & Marketing.  As per the requirement, this contract is valid from October 17th, 2010 to October 17th, 2012.

Under mentioned are the covenants & promises, which will be considered after the joining:

Employment: The candidate has to pay attention to the overall growth of the department and is responsible to introduce the new strategies in order to benefit the organization. However, the employee has to follow certain rule & regulations during the execution of policies.

Annual Package: The employee will be paid total monthly package on 7th of each month to the mentioned bank account.

Compensation & Rewards: The employee will be rewarded with good increment to the basic salary and can get brilliant compensations, if he delivers the outstanding outcome and benefits to the organization.

Renewal & Termination: The contract can be renewed on the completion of the tenure, if the employee works effectively. This can be terminated within the candidature in case of any violation.

Hereby, after understanding and agreeing the above mentioned term & conditions, both the parties are signing the contract as following:

Signature of the employer:                                  Designation:

Tim Graham                                                              Chief Managing Director

Signature of the Employee:

Nick Colman

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