Many business entities, companies or other types of organizations often hire managers who are required to take care of the development and growth related tasks and duties. These individuals are termed as development managers and help the entities to move on the path of constant development. When a development manager is hired by a company, then the employment contract that is made between the parties is known as a development manager contract. A development manager contract is a formal document which lays down the basic and detailed rules about the association between the parties.

A development manager contract is important for both parties since it acts as a proof of mutual discussion in case any one of the parties breaches or violates its details or terms. The contract sets forth the details of the parties, date of commencement, date of termination, the salary figure as well as the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are detailed bulleted points which describe the duties of the development consultant and also explain the boundaries within which the parties are expected to stay. For mutual consent and agreement, the development consultant as well as the employer are required to sign the contract at the bottom.

Sample Development Manager Contract:



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