A development contract form is a document which acts like an actual development contract and can be used as a reference document by any person wishing to frame a contract relating to development. These contracts consist of certain legally binding terms and conditions which specify the nature and behaviour of the parties during the course of the contract term. Given below is a sample of a development contract form.

Sample Development Contract Form:

Contract number: – D/90

This contract is made effective as on 10th July 2012 and is formed by and between

Markson websites, with its principal office located at 36-paulo road, Miami, USA


Halley developers a New York based corporation with its head office located at 45-H, jack square, New York

This contract is related to the development of video games which Halley developers shall do for Markson websites in return for an amount of $5000 in total.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Any information or knowledge about this development contract cannot be disclosed to any third party or person making this a confidential contract.
  • All the expenses of creating a new video game shall be bored by Markson websites in addition to the above mentioned amount.
  • Halley developers shall get an additional 5% of all the advertising benefits.

Halley developers shall work on the following formats:

  • Animation games
  • Car Racing games
  • Motor racing games
  • Fighting games
  • Memory games

Termination of Contract:-

Any violation of the above said terms and conditions will lead to the immediate termination of the contract.

Hence, the above mentioned contract is valid.

Halley Berry

Markson Mathews

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