For people working in every field and each industry, constant development of work or business is highly important. As soon as development stops, success’s way will be blocked. Thus to ensure that a business or any other entity is on the path of success, employers or owners often hire development consultants who help them with their goal. In such a scenario, the employer and the consultant may form a contract which is known as a development consultant contract.

  • A development consultant contract is a formal document which specifies the job duties and responsibilities of the development consultant and also defines the way in which the employer is supposed to act as long as the consultant is employed.
  • The contract specifies the time duration for which it is effective and this time period is known as the effective term or length of contract. This period starts from commencement date and goes on till the termination date.
  • A development consultant contract must give the total salary figure or the monthly salary figure which the employer shall be paying to the development consultant for his/her services.
  • The contract must also have a section where detailed terms and conditions of the association are provided.

Sample Development Consultant Contract:

Development Consultant Contract

Download Development Consultant Contract


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