A dealership contract format is a self explanatory format of a dealership contract which can be used to formulate the way and manner of framing a dealership contract correctly. Such formats are helpful for organisations that have to draft many different kinds of contracts.

Sample dealership contract format:

[Here give the date when the contract becomes effective in dd/mm/yy format]

[Write down the total period or length of contract in this line]

[This line is reserved for writing down the termination date of the contract]

[This paragraph must be reserved for writing down the details of the parties who are involved in this dealership contract along with the titles given to them respectively]

Details of the parties

[This section of the contract is suitable for writing down addresses and contact numbers of the involved parties of the contract]

Details of dealership

[This section must be used to write down the various details of the dealership for example the name, kind, model of the object or good whose dealership is being talked about]

Financial details

[Write down the monetary considerations of the contract in this section which includes the amount of monthly payments as well as the total payment to be made]

Terms and conditions:

  • [This part of the contract must be reserved for writing down the various promises and covenants made by the parties to each other. This must be done in point wise format with enough detailing]
  • ____

[This is the last part of the contract where signatures of the parties are to be done along with the signature of a witness of the contract]

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