A dealership contract agreement is a written document which is framed when a person or party gives dealership of the products manufactured by him to another person or party for a fixed period of time and in return of a certain amount of money. Such agreements are based upon certain terms and conditions which have to be mutually agreed upon by the involved parties.

Sample Dealership Contract Agreement:

Dealership Contract Agreement

Download Dealership Contract Agreement

This dealership contract has been made by and between Tony Electronics which is hereby referred to as the COMPANY and Paul Stores which is hereby referred to as the DEALER. This contract has been made effective as on 25th March 2011

The following are the details of both the parties


Owner: Mr. Tony Raymond

Address: 56-w, 3rd floor, Marks land road, CA


Name: Mr. Paul Daniel

Address: H23/k, River street , CA

The COMPANY hands over the dealership of Electronics products produced by Tony Electronics to the DEALER for the duration of agreement.

The electronics products include TVs, Microwaves, Ovens and Washing Machines only

Period of contract: 24 months.

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract

  • This contract shall terminate on 25th March 2013
  • The COMPANY must provide products as and when the previous lot is consumed by the DEALER.
  • The DEALER cannot sub lease the products without written prior permission of the COMPANY.
  • The DEALER must make all payments on time.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms of the contract and validate it as follows:

Tony Reynolds

Paul Daniel

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