A custom sales agreement is a document which is drafted when sales take place under a routine procedure and the seller transfers the title of ownership of goods to the buyer. These types of agreements includes the details of the party, types of goods sold and other terms and conditions

Sample Custom Sales Agreement

Custom sales agreement number: PS 23

Effective date of agreement: 20th August 2011

This custom sales agreement has been drafted and entered between Black Berry Limited hereafter referred to as the BUYER with principal business address located at Infinity Towers, 34 Straight Drive Road, Miami, Las Vegas 5678 and Cellular Services  hereafter referred to as the SELLER with principal business address located at High Towers, 45 Long Drive Road, Miami, Las Vegas 5680.

As per the agreement Cellular Services agrees to sell various different types of cell phones to Black Berry Limited and the tile of ownership of these cellular models will be transferred to Black Berry Limited.

Black Berry Limited will be then selling these models with their own brand name.

The agreement is valid for a period of two years from the effective date of agreement that is till 19th August 2013.

The agreement cannot be amended or modified unless a written authorization has been produced duly signed by both the parties.

Both the parties are bound to the terms and conditions of the agreement by signing below.

Signature of the SELLER:                                                   Signature of the BUYER:

Tony Greg                                                                                                  Tom Moody

(On behalf of Cellular Services)                                        (On behalf of Black Berry Limited)

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