Credit card contracts are agreements between credit card issuer or banks and the client/customer. These contracts lay down the duties and responsibilities of both the parties when the company issues a credit card to the client.

Sample Credit Card Contract:

This credit card contract is signed between Mr. Raven Halls hereafter know as the CARDHOLDER and Price Banks limited hereafter known as the ISSUER.

The agreement is made on

Date: 20’Th October, 2010


Location: Price Banks Limited, CA branch office-5

Effective date of issuing: 1’st November, 2010

Cardholder details:

Address: 12, first floor, west hills, CA

Phone: 4839480340093


Previously owned credit card: no

Terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • This is a legal agreement and the card holder will be legally bound to pay the amount credited.
  • The cardholder may pay the amount by sending personal cheque to the name and address shown on the statement. Cash shall not be accepted.
  • If the card is lost or stolen, the cardholder must inform the bank immediately by making either a phone call or writing an email.
  • The bank may offer different credit plans from time to time. All the required information will be sent through email in such cases.
  • The credit limit will be a fixed amount and the client cannot use amount beyond the limit in any case.
  • The cardholder is entitled to cancel the card at any time by informing the bank of the same and submitting required documents.
  • This document is governed by the federal law of the state.

The client and the issuer therefore agree:

Raven halls (client)

Tim Baker (price banks)

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