Whenever two parties are going to start working together on a contract, they have a written agreement between them that states all the conditions of both the parties and such a contract is called as the contract of agreement between two parties.

Whether the parties are operating under a buyer and seller relationship or a service provider and a client relationship, a legal agreement contract is mandatory such that the duo get a clarity on the tasks assigned to each other and in the case of any misunderstandings that might arise in the future.

A contract of such kind usually has all the tasks or the conditions listed out along with all the details of the parties involved in the agreement. An ‘effective period’ is set for the two parties to abide by the contract and they duo are expected to stick to all the rules of the agreement through the effective period.

The parties are also required to state the ‘terms and conditions’ that are applicable for the contract to avoid any hassles in the future as they work together. Both the parties sign the agreements if they agree to the terms in it and each hold a copy of the contract through the ‘effective period’.

Sample Contract of Agreement between Two Parties

Contract of Agreement between Two Parties


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