Contract management training is an agreement to provide training by an institute in contract management for a specific duration of time. The training schedule and the period of the training are to be clearly specified. Below given is a sample contract management training.

Sample Contract Management Training:

Program Manager: Melvin D’Souza

Date of issue of notice: 8th Dec 2009

Period of contract management training: 1st Jan 2009 to 30th Jun 2009

Contract Management Training details

PPP training academy welcomes you to the 16th year of the institution of successfully delivering training services to aspirants. This year we bring you a complete package of contract management training and invite applications for the same. The training will be for 6 months and will be followed by an end course exam. The following is the schedule of the contract management training.

Contract management training – Schedule:

  • Date – 1st Jan 2009 Training: Induction
  • Date – 2nd Jan 2009 to 31st Jan 2009 Training: Contract Management Regulatory Environment
  • Date – 01 Feb 2009 to 28th Feb 2009 Training: Standardised Contract Management
  • Date – 01 Mar 2009 to 31st Mar 2009 Training: Key issues and consideration in Contract Management
  • Date – 01 Apr 2009 to 30th Apr 2009 Training: Performance Management- Financial Performance, Technical Performance, Risk Management
  • Date – 01 May 2009 to 31st May 2009 Training: Contract Administration – Contract Maintenance, Financial Administration, Variations, Management and Protocols
  • Date – 01 Jun 2009 to 30th Jun 2009 End Course examinations

Signatures of the parties

Signature of the organization: PPP Training Academy

Signature of the candidate: Mr Ben Johnson

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