A contract drafting training is given out by an institute which teaches contract drafting techniques to candidates and delegates of organizations so that they can prepare good and all-encompassing contract drafts so that long term relationships between partners are established.

Sample Contract Drafting Training:

Program Manager: Melvin D’Souza

Period of contract drafting training: 1st Jan 2009 to 10th Jun 2009

Need of contract drafting training

In this complex business culture, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations coupled with long term relationships with all parties is extremely critical. So it is very essential to learn to establish clear and concise contract so that there is very less possibility of conflict and misunderstanding between parties.

Contract drafting training – Details

PPP Training Academy provides regular training on contract drafting techniques where the focus is to provide guidelines and one-to-one guidance on how to improve contract drafting and develop the skills in contract administration. This training will help delegates achieve a higher standard of excellence of contract negotiation and management.

Contract drafting training – Topics and Schedule

  • Topic: Identifying and discussing the major steps involved in contracting procedures Date: 01 Jan 2009 to 3rd Jan 2009
  • Topic: Utilising effective ways in drafting and understanding boilerplate clauses Date: 4th Jan 2009 to 5th Jan 2009
  • Topic: The art of negotiation – Analysing the different approaches and what works best Date: 6th Jan 2009 to 7th Jan 2009
  • Topic: Minimising misunderstanding – reducing traps and pitfalls while drafting clauses and contracts Date: 8th Jan 2009 to 9th Jan 2009
  • Topic: Standardising language and procedures to enable speed and cost savings – Contract automation Date: 10th Jan 2009

Signatures of the parties

Signature of the organization representative: Melvin D’Souza

Signature of the candidate: Mr Ben Johnson

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